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When your hair gets wet, your tighter curls might seem to relax and your hair seems longer. Hair that is set when wet takes and holds its set much better than the same hair that is set when dry. Your hair is also more vulnerable at this time. What does water do to your hair to make it change, and why is it that water can undo the very style that it helped set? Let me explain

Wet Hair

I used to find it so frustrating when I was younger and wore my hair texturized. I believed it looked so much better when it was wet because my curls were defined then. It looked longer, it hung with a nice weight, it swung around when I moved my head, and the curls seemed like they were taking it easy instead of being their usual lenched selves (at that time I wished for looser curls). I spent many years trying to figure out a way to get my hair to act like it was wet when it was dry. Perhaps this was the big appeal of the unfortunate Jheri curl.
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When it's extremely humid, there is a high percentage of water in the air, which means there is a reservoir of hydrogen available. If your hair has been flattened or set while wet, hydrogen atoms were removed and re-formed in new positions as the hair dried. When hydrogen atoms are absorbed back into your hair from the humidity, they return to all of the old positions they'd been removed from when your hair was set. As the hydrogen atoms return, they reinforce and tighten each twist and curl. As strands of hair take in hydrogen, the curls draw up at slightly different rates or in varying amounts. Sometimes hair that's closer to the outside is exposed to the humidity before hair near our scalp is. As the hairs spread apart, your curls no longer lie perfectly in sync with one another. Now, with each strand's natural curl returning, it's happily doing its own thing. With each strand behaving independently, your entire head of hair blows
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