Essay On What Being Hispanic Means To Me

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Being Hispanic to me means being a warrior at heart. A warrior whose heart is made of fire and stone, whose blood pulses for the need for a better life. Hispanics are a force of love. We love our families so much we work two to three jobs just to make sure our families can thrive, even if it means not being able to spend time with their families. Parents love their children so much they lie to them, saying that they aren’t hungry when they actually are, or that they aren’t tired when in reality their bones are screaming in pain. Our parents are willing to sacrifice their own dreams in order to back ours. I know what it’s like to see my own mother cry due to not being able to have enough, blaming herself for the inability to pay for my college when she knows all I want in life is an education. Being Hispanic means that we are a united warrior front with strong roots and intertwining lives between each other due to our massive family trees. No man is left behind unless he refuses to help himself. Being Hispanic means that we don’t take no for an answer if it means giving ourselves a better future. My mother always told me, “If a door won’t open for you, then crawl through a window…show more content…
I never felt the need to lie about what my mother does for a living. She’s a custodian who works in an educational setting. I’m fortunate to have a loving mother who does honest work for a living, I do not care if in the eyes of society it is deemed as a lower job. She does necessary work for necessary people, and she does it well. In Mexico she was trained to be a secretary in North America though her qualifications did not transfer. My mother taught me that there is no such thing as a low class job, only low class people who look down on others. As a Hispanic I am proud that our kind do necessary jobs for necessary people no matter how low the pay or how bad the benefits we do it as long as its
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