Essay On What Has Shaped American Society

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Throughout the history of the United States of America, our society has played a major role in what our country has become. War, technology, and economics have changed American society for the better. One of the first impacts to American society was the introduction to railroads and big business. This allotted more jobs for American and immigrant workers. This also created the Second Industrial Revolution, which created interconnected transport and communication networks. We invented a variety of products such as railroads, typewriters, the telephone, and the phonograph. By 1890, there was over 200,000 new invention patents like the light bulb. Railroads allowed people in America to reach their loved ones in a quicker amount of time compared…show more content…
The Jazz Age which thrived through the 1920’s played a major role in culture and how people viewed it as a society. Jazz Age ushered in youth’s with playing sports. Whilst in the Jazz Age, science, social thought, and modernist art and literature thrived during the 1920’s which shaped American society. We had people like Albert Einstein, who created the theory of relativity and won the Nobel Prize in 1821 because of it. Authors in the 20th century was influenced by 19th century writers to help create a variety of art and literature styles that we used today such as impressionism and futurism. With the never ending urbanization and industrialization that we have in the United States, they effect society in the ways we go about doing things. Whether we do stuff in a traditional manner like the past generations have, or create new ideas and change the ways we used to do things by making easier and more innovated ways of doing things. I tend to think of myself as a person who follows traditional values, but I’ve notice that people my age or younger are creating new values that people in the following centuries will
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