Essay On What I Know How Many Juveniles Are Sentenced To Adult Prison

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Ava Hall
Mrs. Grillo
10CPA: 7
5 April 2023
“What I Already Know/ What I Want to Know”
Do you know how many juveniles are sentenced to adult prisons? What I already know about juveniles being sentenced to adult prison and dealth row is that a lot more African Americans are sentenced. A juvenile in Just Mercy was sentenced as an adult. A lot of juveniles in Just Mercy were sentenced for no reason at all, it was usually because of their skincolor. These children are not getting the proper education, and this is dangerous. Juveniles used to be put on death row in Alabama for no reason.
What I want to know about this is how are the african americans treated differently from all other races. How many juveniles are sentenced to adult prison a year. …show more content…

I started my research notes by going to the school library and finding a topic I wanted to research about. I looked through different topics and different books and I couldn’t find anything I wanted to research about. I found a book about Juveniles and knew I wanted to research about them because they go through a lot and there is a lot of information I don’t know about them. The topic I chose was about Juveniles going to adult prison. I read through the book and wrote down notes for this book. The book I am researching on is called, “Should Juveniles be tried as adults?” By Trence T. Gorski. I found a lot of information using this book. The book talks about cruelty in prison and the damage it causes to …show more content…

So, I started to search for more databases to help me with this research. Another important database that I found on Abc-clio was “Roper. V. Simmons”. This database is helpful because it talks about the ages in which juveniles can be sentenced. They say that the eighth and fourteenth amendments forbid the death penalty on offenders who were under the age of 18 when crimes were committed. The court wants to follow the amendments. Another important thing I got from this database was the nations included that all previously employed the death penalty to juveniles. This answered another one of my questions. I used this database because it has believable information and it also has a proper MLA

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