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Imagine that you discovered a fish that would allow you to receive three wishes, with the ability to wish for anything, what would you use it for? In the two stories, What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish by Etgar Keret and The Fisherman and His Wife by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the two antagonist use their wishes in a selfish and greedy way. However greedy, both stories also have different meanings behind the greediness. In both text, the three wishes are used in the same manner, but for different outcomes.
In the story What, of This Goldfish, Would You Wish, we follow a young boy named Yonaton, who is creating a documentary. For this documentary, Yonaton goes around to people's doors and asks what they would do if a magic goldfish granted them three wishes. Most people say they would wish to better their lives, but others wish for interesting things, like to be a girl for a day. Yonaton tries to interview man in particular, Sergei. Sergei says he doesn’t want to be interviewed, but Yonaton sneaks into his house anyways. Now, Sergei actually has this magical goldfish, and when Yonaton sees it, he gets super excited, causing Sergei to kill him. Sergie only has one wish left, and struggles on the fact of using it to bring Sergei back alive. We learn from his past that Sergei has a hard time trusting people, and wants to keep the fish as his company.
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In This Goldfish, Would You Wish, Sergei withholds bringing a boy, Yonaton, back from the dead so he can keep the fish as company. In The Fisherman and His Wife, the fisherman's wife,IIsebill, wanted to selfishly have whatever the next best thing was, even when she had it good already. In both text, the three wishes are used in the same manner, but for different

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