Essay On What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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The character I chose is out of Sherman Alexie’s What You Pawn I Will Redeem. The character explains he is, “I’m a Spokane Indian boy, an Interior Salish” (Alexie, 278). He describes himself as, “If there’s such a thing as being an effective homeless man, I suppose I’m effective” (Alexie, 278). He gives us additional information on his character in which he takes great pride because he is trustworthy, “I’ve made friends with restaurant and convenience-store managers who let me use their bathrooms. And I don’t mean the public bathrooms, either. I mean the employees’ bathrooms, the clean ones hidden in the back of the kitchen or the pantry or the cooler” (Alexie, 278). This is not the type of person if I knew I would hang out and throw back beers with. However, the character does have traits that are favorable, he does blame anyone other than himself for the position he is in. In fact he uses humor to make light of the position he is in. He is generous when he has money. Additionally, he seemed honest and smart, but somewhere along the wall he lost some intestinal fortitude to keep himself from being homeless. I guess you can say he might be lazy, but he was not always this way. When given money he makes poor choices, besides the fact he shares everything, he spends everything on…show more content…
Literature that expresses freedom, and challenges sensitive subjects and topics, regardless if it is moral or immoral. I believe that American literature is a great representation of the American Identity. Without its expression Americans may not have the freedoms we have today. Literature has created society where discussion can be held without bloodshed, it has created critical thinking, and had advance our society. It has given us a different interpretation to views things different in the world, lastly it has changed the views of cultures and
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