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Exercise is essential to the overall wellbeing of people from all walks of life and in all life stages. Stretching, cardio, resistance training, and sports each assist in the development and continual improvement of muscle tone, coordination, and day-to-day energy levels. Wheelchair users are no exception to this rule and many experience great benefits to introducing workouts to their daily lives. The Benefits of Wheelchair Based Exercise With a little creativity, it is easy to adapt almost any exercise to use within a wheelchair. The benefits of doing so are widely heralded, and can include increased muscle tone, fitness, and general health. Many wheelchair users find that working out relieves the digestive issues that are linked with wheelchair use, and…show more content…
Wheelchair exercise can pose a greater risk for arm and wrist injuries, and this can be lessened by warming up and stretching. Types Of Exercise Strength and Exercise Many people begin their exercise journey using light weights or muscle building workouts. These exercises help to strengthen the arms and core muscles, which are important for effective wheelchair use. Wheelchair push-ups are a great example of a strength building exercise. To complete a wheelchair push-up, you place your hands to the side of your body and lift your body upwards out of the seat of the wheelchair. Aerobic and Cardio The main goal of cardio is to raise your heart rate and get your blood pumping! This improves not only your fitness, but also your cardiovascular health. There are many varieties of cardio exercise, including wheelchair basketball and even dancing. Team sports are a great way to combine getting your cardio workout, keeping active, and being social into one activity. No matter the version of cardio you choose, it is important to keep it fun and interesting in order to maintain your

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