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Abstract— In this paper, we proposed an assessment robotic system for wheelchair control based on touchscreen. This project is a more important issue in this days because of they are competing the normal persons in all the aspects by ignoring their disability. So that they need a personal assistive system which will help them to move from one place to another in their homes and offices. The implemented robotic wheelchair is having a capacitive touchscreen for controlling the movement of the wheelchair. There is also a voice playback module which is prerecorded with the voices like asking water, food and medicines. When the person needs something to bring, then simply he/she can tap a button on the touch screen, so that the other persons or care takers can hear the voice regarding their requirement and can assist them. The robotic vehicle will move according to the prerecorded paths in home or office by giving the instruction on touch screen. Keywords: Microcontroller, touch screen, voice module and ultrasonic sensor. I. INTRODUCTION Now a days disabled person face many problems.They usaually depends on others. In order to overcome the problem we proposed the system based on touch screen and by adding some additional sensor like ultrasonic sensor to detect the obstacle near by area. As earlier we have manual…show more content…
The system consists of a robotic wheel chair which is controlled by a touch screen commands given by the microcontroller. The microcontroller is loaded with all the predefined paths in regularly visited places of the disabled persons and when they press a command on the touch screen, the vehicle will move according to the path and if any obstacles is found in that path, the robotic vehicle will automatically stop. A voice playback module is connected for giving the voice info regarding the primary needs of the disabled person by getting a command from the touch

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