Disabilities Adaptation Essay

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When disability-related functional limitations are present, adaptations are made. This simply means that if a person is unable to move because of a physical or health condition, we must find a way to use their strengths to help them develop mobility. Thus, mobility adaptations. There are several reasons for wheeled mobility adaptations, which have been divided into three categories. Firstly, the loss of lower-limb functions, can be the result of many conditions; the most common being spinal-cord injury. Secondly, unstable posture can be caused by brain trauma and cerebral palsy. Lastly, general physical problems affecting the lower limbs, such as broken legs, obesity, and knee and hip joint problems that have caused arthritis. Each condition…show more content…
But when it comes to arranging my classroom to meet the needs of every student, including those with mobility issues, who use wheelchairs, there are somethings that should be considered. School adaptations for the physically disabled, such as lower door handles, wider doors, and ramps are helpful. Classroom organization focuses on the environment of the classroom; how the furniture, learning centers, and materials are to increase student learning and reduce distractions. If a teacher has a student in their class who is wheelchair bound, that means the classroom should be organized to allow for wheelchair maneuvering. The classroom’s organization maybe affected to give extra space to the student who is in a wheelchair; although this is not a terrible thing, other students maybe frustrated with lack of space because the wheelchair will take up more space. Teachers also need to consider those areas may get congested so they should have other areas. For instance, if there are students waiting to use the pencil sharpener and other students waiting to grab material for their group, the area will get congested. The teacher then puts a hand pencil sharpener near the trashcan to minimize the congestion in one

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