Essay On Where I Came To America

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Where I came from and what I remembered, America was a country of freedom, education, and a place of hope. Surrounded by these affirmatives, inside me lays many opportunities ahead. I spent most of my childhood in Thailand (a place I wouldn’t consider home), where there were very few educational opportunities for me to pursue. In addition to its lack of opportunities, its educational environment was also very poor. I was incapable of setting goals for myself and showing others my strengths. I was unable to go to school and study with my older siblings. Under these circumstances, my family and I moved to America in 2005, seeking the American dream we once desired. For the first time in my life, I realized that a new future is waiting to be developed.…show more content…
I was astounded on how differently life is in America compared to where I came from. I was a novice to America and an immigrant that knew nothing about education. Therefore, I started second grade as a non-English speaker. That being the case, English was very difficult for me in both learning and pronunciation. I struggled a lot not only in English, but trying to adapt to this new life as well. Thus, I experienced loneliness and sometimes the fear of losing this new opportunity. I repeatedly felt the same day after day, and I yearned to go home the moment I arrived at school. However, there was something in my mind that urged me to keep going, to never give up. This voice I remembered, was my dad’s own strength to assuage my fear and to support me on my new journey.

As a result of the little knowledge I had, I happened to flunk second grade. From this, I learned a very valuable lesson in that the choices or actions you take will impact the things you do in the future. Therefore, it encouraged me to do better and try my best. With regards to this, the future in which I believe can be easily endured, turned into an obstacle that I must fight for. Above all, I now realize that this new future is a dark tunnel I must walk through before the light can appear on the other
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