Explain What Is Happening As A Result Of Their Social Exclusion

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1. Which group is socially excluded and how?
- Give examples from different countries
- Statistics / facts and figures
In this reflective paper I will be discussing one of the most important social issues that I am highly concerned about which is disability. To begin with to clarify what disability is it is the impairment of which may possibly be cognitive, intellectual, physical disability or some combination of these. Disability can occur during an individual’s lifetimes or naturally from birth.
From my personal perspective I feel that the group which is socially excluded would be the individuals who are struggling with their disabilities on a daily basis. Being disabled sometimes acts and serves as being a barrier through which some individuals
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Activities- Most events and activities are set up for normal individuals; it’s very rare to find activities where a disabled person can participate.
Question 3) What is happening as a result of their social exclusion?
As previously mentioned those who are disabled are not very welcomed nowadays in the society as people tend to degrade them because of their disability. This causes them to be socially excluded yet it affects them in many ways as further explained below.
Disabled people tend to struggle with self-hatred towards them and towards the society because the society doesn’t treat them normally neither does the society make them feel wanted or accepted. They always pity themselves due to the disability. Most of them have psychological issues which develop as they tend to grow up because they bottle up the hatred deep inside of them.
Some of the disabled people self-harm themselves which a method used by individuals to cope with depression as they feel that they prefer to deal with physical pain than emotional pain as it can be controlled yet they inflict pain on themselves thinking they deserve it.
Due to the negligence they receive, they are sometimes emotionally abused by people surrounding them whether in terms of their own families, friends or
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