Essay On White Riots

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For the past few months, you have probably noticed something similar showing up on your television: riots. Recently, black people across America have been rioting and protesting the deaths of black people at the hands of police. They’re angry that the police get to go free after causing the death of one of these black people. However, if you look closely at the way the media words these riots, you’ll notice a discrepancy between these riots and riots caused by white people. This discrepancy of words keeps racism alive and well in today’s America. We’ve all heard the term of racism. The concept isn’t new to any of us. However, when we hear racism, we generally think of slavery, which ended after we defeated the Confederates during the Civil War, a battle the USA fought with…show more content…
Different words don’t really make a difference, does it? Well, they do. Using words like “thug” and “criminals” can create an image of violence and danger around people of the black community. In Robert Greenwald’s article, “What do you call White Rioters? Anything but Thugs”, he discusses some of the discrepancies made between media coverage of white and black riots (Greenwald). In one paragraph he describes how crazy some of the discrepancies can actually be. “Just look at the language around Keene State "students," "youthful debauchery," "kids." Then compare to the language of Ferguson and Baltimore: "thugs," "criminals," "offenders." Or take the word, "gang." Black people wearing the blue of their sorority, Zeta Phi Beta, were reported to be in a gang. Groups of white men can wear matching jackets and murder nine people and injure 18 more in broad daylight, and the media will still describe them as a "social club." (This actually happened.)” (Greenwald). As you can see, sometimes there is a massive discrepancy. Black people in a sorority marching are called a gang, while actual gangs of white guys go around killing and injuring people and they’re a “social
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