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Great white sharks have long since been feared. One of the deadliest ocean animals, their reputation has long since been tarnished. But as we research these beautiful creatures more and more, our fear of them decreases. Great white sharks, or carcharodon carcharias, are fearsome creatures. They rank number one on the scale of largest predatory fish and can grow to lengths of 23 feet and up to 2,400 pounds. Despite having developed a fearsome reputation, they are less common than other shark species. Not much is known on their population size, but it is believed their numbers are decreasing because of hunting and habitat loss. Great white sharks are typically solitary creatures and only come together to mate. However, they have been seen in groups around carcasses. Great whites must swim constantly, or they will drown. They are able to travel vast distances thanks to their powerful bodies. All sharks have a distinct appearance, and the great shark is no exception. They have a pointed snout and a large, torpedo-like body. Their tough upper skin is covered in tiny teeth called denticles that are slate-gray, sometimes black, in color. This helps them camouflage into the rocky, coastal floors they are commonly found near. Their white …show more content…

Female white sharks are thought to reach reproductive age at around 17 years. After an incubation period between 12 and 18 months the great white gives birth to between 4 and 14 pups. They are born roughly 1.2 meters long (3.9 feet) and weighing 50 to 60 pounds. Research has shown that the pups get their nutrients through eating unfertilized eggs and other embryos while in the uterus. Female great white sharks are thought to give birth to new litters every 2 or 3 years. They usually give birth in warm coastal regions where the pups have safe nursery ground in which they can grow. However, nursery grounds are being degraded because of

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