Essay On White Supremacism

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White supremacist disturbed southern society and politics. White organizations terrorized black people because some white southerners felt threatened by the black race’s motivation to better themselves. Although, white supremacist successfully tormented negroes, negroes deliberately voted against political groups associated with white supremacy. The history “The American Journey” introduces white supremacy in 1865 after the Civil War. After the civil war, the Confederates were angry with their loss. The southern defeat caused tension between the white and black race. The reunification caused some white americans to act violently towards the black race, The American Journey explains that white americans “saw African Americans as adversaries…show more content…
David Chalmers writes in the Reader in American History that the founding members of the white supremacist organization the Ku Klux Klan were “A group of young ex-Confederate officers” which multiplied in the number of members over time (Chalmers. Reader in American History,2). The birth of the Ku Klux Klan also led to other white supremacy groups named the Pale Faces, The Order of the White Rose, and Knight Owls just to name a few, these groups were rumored to be just the Young Men’s Democratic Clubs or actual ties with the clan (Chalmers. Reader in American History,3). Former southern leaders against negroes that were still leaders in the South and threats from the white supremacy organizations impacted politics in this time period. Since white leaders against former slaves still had political positions and the all white political organizations being active throughout the South these white supremacists dedicated themselves to threaten negroes towards a specific political party. These leaders that were ex-confederates attempted to persuade Negroes to vote democratic, although “They failed; the freedmen voted republican, and the Klans began to ride more widely” (Chalmers. Reader in American History,4). Even though white supremacist continued their violent actions to push for their own political views they
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