Essay On Why Americans Should Be Required To Vote

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“ While compulsion of any kind is a restriction, so is the compulsion to drive only on the right side of the road.” ( “Is It Time To Consider Mandatory Voting Laws? Worsening Voting Statistics Make a Strong Case.” by John W. Dean.) One way voter turnout can increase is by compulsory (required) voting. So, should Americans be required to vote?There are three reasons why Americans should be required to vote: voting is the least you, as a citizen, could do for your country, compulsory voting proves that the rate of votes go up, and if you make people vote it will give them knowledge about what they do not know. One reason why Americans should be required to vote is, because requiring citizens to vote is no more than requiring a male citizen to register for the draft at 19. Evidence…show more content…
Evidence of this is in ”Unequal Participation: Democracy’s Unresolved Dilemma, American Political Science Review, Vol.91 No.1” by an Australian supporter of compulsory voting, this states that by compelling people to vote, we are likely to arouse them with an intelligent interest and to give them a political knowledge that they do hold at present process. This evidence helps explain why Americans should be required to vote because, if people don't vote, nothing will get fixed, for example: schools, offices, and, libraries. Although, it is possible to understand why some people might think that Americans should not be required to vote. They could say that people are dishonest and have the right to choose, or how compulsory voting is a restriction. However, the argument on the other side is stronger. Compulsory voting can be used to show the least you can do for your country, and that compulsory voting could fix many of the problems in your state, city, or even country, and compulsory voting proves that the rate of voted go
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