Essay On Why Americans Should Not Be Allowed In Sports

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No, reward only the best! There is no participation award for life and no one is going to hand you the life you want, you have to work for it. Also, many youth athletes find that trophies take up their rooms and have no meaning behind them, such as using them as door stoppers. When kids were being asked about the trophies they knew they didn’t have to try their best to get the trophies, which isn't fair to the ones who did. While I see that not everyone is a winner and that sometimes participation is the best a kid thinks they can achieve, I think that would strive them to do better. No, participation trophies shouldn't be given because of the negative effects it has had on athletes, coaches, and parents.

Why should we reward kids for participation trophies when they don’t
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"Research shows that extrinsic motivation on its own can be harmful, not helpful." (The Great Trophy Debate: Do We Need Participation Awards?) "After interviewing more than 36 kids most of them were 'super savvy' when it came down to their trophies, including what they got them for and why."(CNN and Interview's) In that interview it shows that kids purposefully played on easier levels to stand out, which is dangerous. Kids want to stand out, and that doesn’t happen if everyone gets a participation…show more content…
Despite not being the best, kids still need to try again and, eventually, they will get a trophy. Many kids, with the mentality that they will always get participation trophies, do not try because of the fact they know they will not get the consequences of not getting a trophy. Kids need to understand that when they try their hardest, they will get a "trophy" from the crowd, coaches, and their
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