Essay On Why Americans Should Not Pay Taxes

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America’s taxpayers pay around 12.8 million dollars a day to cover the cost of people who own guns, and the mistakes they make by killing people.
Machinery like this, and the deaths caused by them raise our taxes by a lot.
There are a sheer number of damages incurred when someone is shot. America’s taxpayers also cover 87% of these costs. People who own guns, sometimes can not pay the taxes for their weapon, but it is not a problem for them anyways, because they rely on us to pay their taxes, and they raise our taxes because they want to walk around shooting people! We the people of the United States, should not have to pay taxes for something that we do not need and or use! Governor Malloy further assured us that the taxes would not increase because of guns, but look at us know. Since 2010 our taxes have had the biggest increase ever because of guns.
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An example of why the Second Amendment shall be changed is, in North Carolina, a 26 year old mom heard a gunshot in her house, so she ran into the other room and saw that her three-year-old son had shot her boyfriends three-year-old daughter on accident, because he found the gun laying around the house, and thought it was a toy. This is to show how stupid people are leaving guns around their house, just waiting for something as bad as this to happen. In Pennsylvania a two-year-old took his stepfather’s pistol out of his mom’s purse and shot himself in the head, while the parents were in a different room. Parents, or guardians own weapons such as guns, but especially with little kids running around the house, not knowing if a gun is truly a weapon or a toy; guns should clearly illegal. You can not blame little kids for not knowing what a gun is, that is your fault for owning a weapon, and leaving it accessible for little

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