Essay On Why Americans Should Stay At Home

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We as the U.S the strongest power in the world has spent ourselves into a mountain of deft that I’m not sure even years of budget managing could get us out of. We have gotten ourselves just the way most households have gotten themselves into debt by grossly over sending. We as the U.S spend money we don’t have we think like most Americans we can just make more, or just make a interest payment, we no longer manufacture what we need to take care of ourselves, on a day to day basis. We buy from others much more than we sell. I think there is a problem globally. But the solution needs to start her at home. We need to get our spending under control don’t know more if we don’t have the money for it, cut out what we don’t need. Some ways to cut back is to make Americans go back to work if you don’t work you don’t eat, with a few exceptions such as do not cut back on military or the military…show more content…
We need to quit outsourcing our jobs, keep them at home. Build business back at home. Give incentive to companies and businesses that keep the products and business here in the U.S. we should make the U.S first again. We should bring back the design. The equipment and the knowledge on how to build something back in the U.S. We need to make sure that companies and businesses know and fypiermce that it’s profitable to keep business here in the U.S but the most important is stop spending what we don’t have and learn how to live within our means, that includes the government. Put America back to work. Every American with a few exception just because you’re on welfare doesn’t mean you can’t work. Use welfare as a step up, use and get off it, pay it forward you are an American you are entitled to nothing unless you have earned it. Make yourself proud make your country proud. If you don’t like this country then get out go live with Isis or Islam go where you will be
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