Essay On Why Animal Testing Is Necessary

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Animals Testing Is animal testing necessary?. Should we ban expending animals in medical research or not?. More than 26 million animals are used in different countries like the United States and Canada. Animal testing may by defining as the use of animals in experiments and research that seeks to control the variable that impacts the behavior or biological system under study. Using large number of animals is mainly meant to find treatments and cure for certain diseases. Moreover, animals are used to develop medical treatments, check the safety of any products before people can use it and in science education. Therefore, without using animals in the medical and scientific studies the products and all the medicine would be based on theory only. Furthermore, people will use something that may cause serious damages to them. Animal testing has provided many…show more content…
In spite of that, some people believe that animal testing is not essential and it should be banned because animals are different from humans physically. In addition, they believe that animal tests are a waste of time and money and there are lower cost alternative methods and more effective. Our purpose of this essay is to prove that animal testing is important and has a lot of benefits and advantages for humanity. Using animals in medical and scientific experiments is necessary, because it finds many cures and treatments, animals bodies are almost similar to the human bodies, also it benefits the animals themselves from diseases. One of the major issues that support animal testing is the fact that it has been used successfully in history to develop cures and treatments for diseases which killed human being in large numbers. The following are examples of illnesses and viruses that were cured through the use of animal testing : the development of Penicillin was primarily based on the testing of the Penicillin drugs on mice,
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