Essay On Why Athletes Are Justly Paid

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You turn on the TV and flip to the sports channel. There are tons of superstar athletes scoring 106 yard touchdowns, beating the buzzers, and running and swimming at superhuman speeds. Yes, they are very talented and cool looking. But when you see their salaries, you want to wreck your TV with a sledge hammer. Pro athletes receive millions of dollars in a year compared to fifty years for the average American, and just for being really good at sports. These athletically gifted individuals are taking way too much money away from the hardworking citizens who deserve it. Athletic organizations across the United States such as the NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, and the PGA were all created for one reason, and one reason only. To entertain. Each year, athletes…show more content…
And they do! Athletes work incredibly hard and train constantly. However, the amount of money they make is staggering. Athletes make Millions of dollars a year! Billions of dollars are spent a year to pay our professional athletes. Some say that they deserve this, and you may as well. But, before you defend your favorite athlete, think about this. Who works incredibly hard teaches our youth? Who puts their life on the line and fights for our country in Afghanistan? Who keeps us safe from crime? That’s right, Teachers, Soldiers and Police Officers. They are the ones that form the backbone of our country. They deserve more money, right? Well, as it turns out, they don’t. And it’s not even close. The average salary of a teacher is a paltry amount of $55,360! Our teachers are the ones that sacrifice most of their life to educate our children. They are the ones that provide students with a bright future. And all they get is that minute amount, while NBA players don’t work half as hard, and walk away with an average of 5.15 million dollars! This unfair distribution of money needs to be stopped! Don’t let this disparity of money get wider! Let’s give the money back to the people that work the hardest and do the most for our wonderful
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