The Importance Of Banning Cell Phones In School

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Dear Principal Warren, I think that cell phones should be banned from schools because cell phones can be stolen . As well as cell phones can be a big distraction to kids that need to focus. Also cell phones can cause emergencies to be worse. Cell phones can be stolen Imagine you are a teacher trying to teach a lesson while everyone is quiet all of a sudden a phone is missing this makes the day a whole lot harder. Parents are calling and students are freaking out. No one is admitting it and you can’t start the lesson because of all the crisis that is going on. No let 's go back into what 's happening now. This would be so hard for that teacher now they would have to still find the phone and try to figure out how to teach the class in that same day. I mean really would you want to be stuck in this situation…show more content…
In addition to this we already have kids in classrooms that are playing games during a time of where we should be writing, reading, or even science. If we can barley handle chromebooks why should we be put into a bigger challenge of having phones where students will probably be checking social media for the most part. I would love to have phones in school but it would be really hard to handle and if you look on the real side it is just a huge disaster that kids will certainly not pay good attention with phones. Also kids could be looking on other websites that they could cheat on and find answers to hard questions. Especially when we have online test. To add on kids could be texting each other about answers and explanations for the test or quiz. My evidence for this is that in the text of “ Cell phones in school? No kids need to pay attention it says, “ Out of a class of 25, only one or two still value shutting everything off and focusing completely on their
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