Essay On Why Cheating Is Wrong

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Is cheating in school right?

Everyday at school, I can see more and more people cheating off others, whether it be at lunch, over messaging, or even at the beginning of some classes. First off, cheating can break the code of conduct in many ways, like disrespecting others rights (i.e. teachers and/or other students), or by breaking general school policy. Secondly, cheating is specifically mentioned in the school guidelines and how it is considered “falsification” . Now, I can see why students may feel the need to copy from other students, thinking that their teacher gives out too much homework in such little time, but if you feel this you should confront your teacher and try to work it out with them, but if you don’t do this and just copy from others, after a while you start to copy from other people's assignments that are
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Students would believe this since they may feel that their teachers may give them so much homework with such a little time period. Some might even have sports events of other school related things that may not give them much to any time to do their homework. As this does seem like a problem, teens should work this out with their teachers rather than going against what their teachers would want. In other cases, students also say that they feel the need to cheat because teachers and students have high expectations for them and want them to get good grades, putting too much pressure on them. “Well-intentioned parents who want their children to be successful in school can place so much pressure on the kids that they resort to cheating” (American federation of teachers). To improve this, teachers and parents need to be mindful of how their students feel and need to not push them as much. You could see why people might think cheating is okay and vital to succeed, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s wrong and that you should talk to your teachers about how you
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