Should Kids Be Prosecuted As Adults Essay

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In today's society there are more kids committing horrible crimes that people see as a crime that only an adult can commit due to the age difference. Whether it may seem as if it's just a kid being a kid there are many factors that take play into the reasoning of the kids actions like not fully developed, mentally ill, family abandonment, easily influenced, not raised right or not a stable home. I believe that children should not be prosecuted as adults for many reasonable reasons considering more than the way they are portrayed. Youths are often taking after others without them realizing if that person does the right thing or not, not even thinking about what the consequences may be. Therefore, a child should not take full fault of the actions…show more content…
For instance, if the child did mature actions like planning the crime, manipulation, and just even knowing between right or wrong of the situation. Things like these can make a child's action seem like an adult played part in the doing from how mature the actions are. Even then there should still be a reason for any child to be sentenced as a juvenile and not an adult.a great example of this is in the article "On Punishment and Teen Killers" it says "He was was not mentally disabled in fact was quite intelligent. But he got a rush out of breaking the law and ultimately started work on his other plan for mass murder at a local bank"(ERWC, 91). Since the kid was very knowledgeable of what exactly he was getting himself into then i do see him as very mature and not kid. He had a stable home and just a regular life with no issues which the in trial the court would take all of this into consideration for his sentence and see him as an adult. Although, i still believe that even in this case where the kid is mentally stable that this is still an issue for him to be tried as a juvenile to get the help and counseling needed that would not be provided if he is sentenced to jail as an
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