Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior Summary

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Introduction As human beings we normally do not see eye to eye on certain things. For instance Amy Chua the writer of,” Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” had a negative impact, due to her parenting style and her cultural beliefs. Many felt disgusted by her way to raise her two daughters and she made a comparison between Chinese and western Americans way to raise kids. Furthermore we may agree to disagree, but each parent has what they believe is the right way to raise a kid and there will always be something people will judge no matter how good of a parent one may think they are. summary Amy Chua the writer of “ Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” had a global debate on her book. There will always be a debate on how parents should and should…show more content…
Parents often see their own kids as the next generation the ones to carry a family legacy. I understand wanting your kids to be the best but a childhood is necessary to experience it is what defines the child as it grows. Growing up I was taught to work at a young age and how to be handy, because a man wasn’t a man if he could not build or repair things. I did not go to the movies, mall or parties because my summers consisted of working and washing cars a business I started at 13. If I did something with trying my best to do it perfectly I would get bashed with harsh words but with my self esteem I knew my parents wanted me to better my skills as perfection can say a lot of a person. I do not disagree with Amy’s parenting style, she has the right to raise her kids how she believes is the correct way. How people raise their kids will always be a topic no one will likely agree on. There is no such thing as the right way to raise a kid but as a parent your love and failures make the parent want their kids to be better. Don’t judge others method causes each child has a different personality and requires different parenting method.
In conclusion, as there is and will always be a debate on this topic. But as grown ups, we must respect others ways to raise their kids. Look at past generations on your own family and see how each parent raised your mom different. There is no right way to raise a kid only to be their parent, friend, teacher and role
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