Essay On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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There are many people that exercise. Some people exercise by playing sports. An example of those people is college students. It has been questioned if college athletes should get paid. Some people believe that they should not pay college athletes while others are protesting against it. Due to the fact that college athletes will not be focused on school, therefore, causing them to not be well educated as well as not having academic skills, college athletes should not be paid. College students will gradually concentrate more on athletics leading them to be discouraged from academics. Their futures will be impacted in a major way if they concentrate more on athletics than academics. For instance, most college athletes “will never go professional and will seek gainful employment beyond their brief athletic career at college” (Bob 23). Therefore, their futures will become unsuccessful because they would look for…show more content…
Colleges may decide how much to pay each player or how much to pay teams. For instance, “Which sports would receive the benefit of getting paid? Which schools? To which level of college would it apply?”(Ryan 1) Thus, that solving these problems would be difficult because they have to figure out what amount of money is appropriate. Not only that but, colleges may not consider fairness. For example, “Would women get paid as well?” (Ryan 1) Since this question occurs it wouldn't be fair because women may not be paid the same amount of money as the males do. In addition, it wouldn’t be beneficial for colleges on some occasions. For instance, “There would be no benefit in paying mediocre athletes because it would drive some of the stars away to the pros.”(Ryan 1) Therefore, it would also not be fair because the only ones getting paid may only be the best athletes. Hence, college athletes should not get paid because there would be many
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