Essay On Why Did General Washington Win The Revolutionary War

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During the Revolutionary War the British were the strongest naval and land force in the world. This was due to their ability to expertly fight by lining up and firing directly at each other. From the day that America signed the Declaration of Independence to the very end of the Revolutionary War the colonists and General Washington had to use different strategies to defeat the British. The first example of his unconventional methods was at the battle of Yorktown. General Washington and the French had General Cornwallis trapped by land and sea and they forced him to surrender.George Washington’s strategy was to trap Cornwallis by surrounding him on land and then have the French destroy his reinforcements and block off his escape to sea. . The social aspect of that battle was that the men had their morale high when they realized that they…show more content…
This battle wasn’t really Washington’s great strategy but Benedict Arnold’s great strategies. The battle of Saratoga was really two battles at the same location. It starts off with Burgoyne taking over Fort Ticonderoga, but after taking the fort he moved slowly to his next destination allowing the survivors to regroup with Washington, General Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold. When Burgoyne heard of this he attacked and Arnold led a group of troops to block a flanking column which eventually flanked them. Burgoyne retreated and attacked later and Arnold even after being told not to by General Gates took several key points and forced him to surrender. The social aspect was that Gates was jealous of Arnold and didn’t want him to take the glory so he could for himself. The political aspect was that through Arnold’s brilliant strategies he was able to outmaneuver Burgoyne’s tactics. The economical was there is one last British army standing between them and their independence and more land gained from their
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