Essay On Why Did Mayella Ewell Lie

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Why did Mayella Ewell Lie? In my opinion Mayella could have lied for many reasons. First, I think she lied because she wanted to protect her father. If people found out that her father was the one who raped her; Bob would be seen as a monster in the small town of Maycomb. Bob’s social ranking in the society could have depleted. Also People would think that he is a coward and many more terrible things. Bob would also have a high possibility of going to prison. His action would not be taken lightly in the town of Maycomb and he would have to face his punishment with no way getting out of it. Another thing is he will not be accepted by the people in the town. He will loose all of his friends, and he wont be able to find any work. These circumstances…show more content…
Another reason is the family name could have received an even worse reputation then before. Finally, Mayella could have lied to save her dignity. If the people in the town would have faced the real truth. Mayella’s reputation could have been at risk. The fact that she fell for a black man would make people feel insecure. In Maycomb, having sexual interactions with colored folks back in the day was not accepted in society. From Tom’s point of view Mayella hugged him around the waist and kissed him on the side of his face. People could also see her differently. Now that she fell for a black man the white society might not accept her into their group. Because of her action, people would think that she is lonely and desperate. When Atticus asked her if she had any friends. She didn’t know how to respond. From this context in the story, you as the reader can conclude that she probably doesn’t have many friends to keep her company. The fact that she was raped by her own father and still tried to protect him is very disturbing. From this you can infer that she is a weak human being with no social standard for herself. She even blames the crime on an innocent
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