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Why did Dr. Henry Kissinger call Nixon's move a "diplomatic revolution"? Henry Kissinger called Nixon’s move a “diplomatic revolution” because Nixon had received a top secret message from Beijing. He claimed that this was the most important invitation that a president has ever received since the period of World War II. Many would say that the move was meant to solve internal relations in China. Earlier on, President Nixon had said that the People’s Republic of China should be given top priority when it comes to the process of creating good relations, and that was why he was accorded the most delicate arrangement when the American envoy was dispatched in Beijing. Why had Nixon's plan almost been derailed before it was implemented? What can…show more content…
To solve this dispute, the U.S made a declaration of its interest in a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan question where many of the United States' troops were based during the period of fighting in the Vietnamese War. The issue was resolved when Nixon and Kissinger agreed to withdraw the U.S military from the island. This was also reaffirmed through the progressive reduction of its forces on Taiwan to diminish the tension that had culminated in the area. Why did Nixon's gamble seem to have worked? Ideally, Nixon’s gamble seemed to have worked because he was able to cause cultural exchange between the U.S and China Athletes. He had initially promised that he would not be the first U.S president to lose a war. That was why he managed to apply the “madman” strategy that will lead to the signing of peace treaties between Co-countries such as the Soviet Union and Northern Vietnam. Any other thoughts, comments, or questions? I think that Nixon’s secret visit to China should have not faced criticism since he was determined to establish good international relations that will ensure that the two countries co-exist together in solving global

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