Essay On Why Do Aliens Exist

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More than 510 testimonies and sights of aliens have been coming to light for ages. Most people think that aliens aren’t real, probably because their existence sounds crazy, but also because for some reason powerful Governments always try to make people believe that. What is weird is that even though a lot of important people have said that they exist and that they are among us it is still a myth. In this essay I’m going to show some proves that show Alien’s existence in Earth and in the Universe. Area 51 has been a mystery for over 20 years and even the Government has declared that it exists but they never say what is its use, that‘s why most people think that because of its location and the posters that say things such as “Get close, get shot”…show more content…
Also, in an interview he declared that he trusted a man’s testimony of alien abduction and that he believes that science can definitely prove the existence of aliens. Another interesting thing are the real Men in Black, the prove is based on the testimony of more than 10 people that were present when this happened. In 2005 a man named Shane and a friend of him were shopping and they saw a triangular shaped object flying above the mall roof so they went back to the hotel and call the police, they didn’t listen to them so they called the UFO investigators, which could do anything. But two weeks later Shane and his friend were eating and when they got back to their hotel the receptionist, guards and some people told them that two creepy men that were wearing black robes, black hats, had big black eyes, were very pale and had no eyebrows and eyelashes came and asked for them, the weird thing was that they knew everything about them, their names, in what hotel room they were staying, so Shane

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