The Importance Of Children In The Third World

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I have spent my whole life hearing about how children around the world are going hungry every night and sleeping on the streets. It is a very important issue that needs to be addressed more there are kids in other countries who have nothing and no one. People don’t like to address the issue because it is too hard to accept just how sad of situation they are in or who people who want to help but just don’t know how .But as hard as it is to accept that there really are kids who have it rough who need as much help as they can get. Now yes there are organizations out there that are made to help these kids like Andre House of Hospitality Formed in 1984 by two Holy Cross priests From Notre Dame. The house provides food and clothing, as well as education…show more content…
Africa is just one of the places in the world that struggle more and more every year with money issues and losing their children to horrible diseases. There are so many 3rd world countries that have this problem but it’s not just them there are people in the USA that struggle too. That’s why it needs to go even further everyone everywhere needs to know how it is for these kids. What my mission in this world to do is make sure that no kid goes hungry or living on the streets with no money no house no love all alone ever again. Now I know I may be young and when you are young people just love to put you down when you have big dreams but to me this is more than just a dream it is a mission.The good news though is that there are ways to help out even if you are a minor like you can spread the word about the kids to your school or your friends even you neighbors anyone that you know just to get the word out can make a huge difference. You can start anywhere because as long as we all continue to talk about the issue and not try to pretend that it’s not there the more change can actually be
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