Essay On Why Do People Complain Too Much

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Do people complain too much? When nothing goes right the way you plan it, you start to think that you don’t belong in this world. Then you start to complaint and pin out all the negative stuffs that had happen in your life. You complain about the negatives in life without looking at the positives in your life. Then you keep telling yourself that you’re not worth it. Complaining is part of human development in life. Every time something doesn’t seem right they see the wrong as a failure in life and start complaining. Whether it’s a good thing or not different people look at things in different ways. Then why do we complain? People complain when they are not satisfied with life or with the things that they do. For example, Maria is a doctor…show more content…
Sometimes people need to keep to themselves, rather than constantly bug everyone with the same issues. However they do express themselves, and they need to think before they speak. I don’t mind complaining because I do it myself. Since I’m in high school until now in college, I often hear and complain about assignments and classes, etc. Everyone has something to complain about, it is in our daily lives. Some complaints might be too much and annoying to others but we don’t know why people complain the way they do. The reason is we don’t know what people went through in life. So how we look at things will be different. We all have things we complain about and some decide whether to complain or not. Some may take complaints too far over things that don’t matter. The thing is that people complain when problem gets to them. The problem will never be solving if you just keep complaining but instead try talking to someone. Talking to someone can help deal with those complaints and work with it. Although it can be annoying to some people there is always someone in your life who cares enough to listen and help you out. When that happens, you should let them help you. We need to learn to let things
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