Essay On Why Dogs Are Better Pets Than Cats

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Dogs are Better Pets than Cats Which one is better dogs or cats? This question was created since the dawn of time. Its very hard to choose since they are both great pets. Cats are excellent at other things but dogs will dominate the cat since they are way better than cats. Dogs are very superior and excellent to their jobs. To start off they can help you, as dogs they are very gentle and friendly, and lastly they could be a lot better and make healthier due to the activities that you have to do. Dogs are the best thing that the world gave to us. Their origins come from the wolf and the wolf are strong, powerful, and they go as pride. So with this they tend to evolved through time and adapted the human life. The evolution that came with the dogs are sensing their owners feeling. If your having a terrible day or even stressed out, dogs can relieve your stress level. As Wright says “that informal social support” can in fact “be an effective” a great therapy section or
“tool” to “reduce stress in carers” with an “companion animals, such
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So saying that dogs are great and help around the house. They tend to entertain the children and your guest by showing off what your dog can do. While the dogs are dominating the world with their care and their smartness, cats tend to take part of the world. These monsters are very terrible but with some people out there that they love cats and cats only. These cats lovers tend to go head to head and argue all day and night with the people who love dogs and try to change their minds about cats. This argument started a very long time when cats and dogs started to exist in this planet and help the human race with them usable skills and their techniques. These two animals come from two powerful families as the dogs mention earlier they come from the all mighty wolves and the cats may come from the lions swince they are both from the cat family tree. But the points that the people say can be true and they might not know what can
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