Personal Essay: Why College Education Is Important To Me

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Why College Education is Important to Me
By Kayte Forrester

I made it a goal for myself to be the first in my family to attend college. After a really bad day at work as a CNA, I finally just signed up and said I’m going to do better for myself. I want a career that has a steady future, something that is financially secure, but most important having a college degree is going to give me a big leap in self-esteem. Getting a college education is going to open a whole new world of opportunities for me. I’ve worked many jobs, from waitressing, cashier, and now nursing assisting. All are low pay, degrading jobs that aren’t going to get me anywhere in life. Getting a degree in psychology is going to create already 10 different careers I can get into with just an associate’s degree, and by going even further in my education I can advance to even better jobs. The best part of my degree is the need for psychologist is a growing
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My whole life I grew up in poverty, living off free lunches, and the food bank. Hammy down clothes and used everything; not that it was a bad thing, but I always wanted better for myself. To me, money is the second most important thing to me, with the first being happiness. I will do the best to succeed, to get the farthest I can in life to have a big outcome. Instead of making $19,000 a year, I want to be at $50,000 a year. I want to get out of an apartment, and get into a house. But I want a job I’m going to be happy with, not doing manual labor every day for $10 an hour. Going to college is so important to me because it’s giving me my advancement into my future; it’s getting my foot in the door. Without a college degree, I don’t feel like I could help people the way I want to help them. Not only will it help me with my career, college is a milestone step for me. It’s going to be one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. College has already greatly boosted my
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