Essay On Why Education Should Be Free

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Education is vital to one’s life and well-being, however since education isn’t free so many kids around the world can’t take advantage of it simply because of their economic status. When people become educated, it allows them to develop different perspectives and would not only see an improvement in their life, but in society as a whole. There’s no doubt that education is the most important thing to enhance the lives of individuals. Without it, kids aren’t able to reach their full potential, causing citizens to experience major issues in life such as a low standard of living, ignorance, and among other things. Education should be free for everyone, regardless of their economic background, because every individual is important and should have the equal opportunity to better themselves. There are many benefits to free education. For example, finishing school and pursuing a career leads to a healthy and successful life. According to HuffingtonPost, it states that “College graduates are nearly four times less likely than high school graduates to smoke, and are significantly more likely to exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and regularly see a …show more content…

In Ellen Andersen’s Pros and Cons to Tuition Free College, she claims that student who graduate with “less than $10,000 in student loan debt” (Andersen 3), are considered lucky since the average is $37,000. Students could go to school without having to worry about paying something off on time. Instead, they would just focus on school. Also, “More college graduates might buy houses rather than having to rent an apartment.” (Andersen 3). Students who just have a house don’t have to waste money on paying an outrageous rent price every month. They would use that money for something more useful. In the end when they buy things that are needed, they are contributing more to the

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