Gum Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Imagine sitting in math class, and just not being able to pay attention. The teacher is talking about something that will be very important, yet focusing still seems utterly impossible. You feel hungry and longing for something interesting, but you aren’t allowed to have the one thing that can help your situation; a piece of gum. Unfortunately, many schools don’t allow chewing gum on school property. Focus decreases and grades become lower as a result of gum’s absence, and many students lack gum’s dental benefits. Ignoring those facts, some schools still can’t seem to come to the obvious conclusion. Schools should allow gum to be chewed in class.
Gum should be allowed in classrooms is that it can help kids to concentrate during class. A huge problem in schools is lack of focus, which makes learning more difficult. Gum might be the solution to that problem. According to Andrew Scholey (Swinburne University,
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On the contrary, it sometimes can do just the opposite. When you look at everything children can do that it distracting, gum chewing is of a small minority. Tapping pencils against a desk is way more annoying than chewing gum loudly, yet schools would never dream of banning pencils. Most schools that allow gum have a policy that if students can’t chew gum without being loud, than they simply can’t chew gum in class anymore. It’s just another way of teaching responsibility, not something that disrupts teaching. As for how much of a mess gum makes, students would have no need to stick their gum under desks and tables if they didn’t have to hide it. If they knew they wouldn’t get in trouble for having it, they would be way more likely to throw it in the trash. Again, if someone did break the rule and put their gum anywhere other than the mouth or the trash, they just wouldn’t be allowed to have gum at school anymore. If students simply didn’t have to hide their gum, they wouldn
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