Argumentative Essay: Gun Violence In The United States

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In today’s age, gun violence has continued to climb. With an increase in thefts, break in’s, murders school shootings and suicides. We used to think America was so great and peaceful, but not so much anymore. Crime rates have gone up so much and people are starting to realize that most people aren’t safe without protection and that where guns come into the story. Back years ago, guns were mostly for war and hunting, but now there is an increase in guns being used for more for just hunting and war. Guns have also changed in size, shape and how fast they can shoot. Our military and government are the number one source that works on keeping us and most of our rights protected, but they also allow for guns to be in the hands of civilians. With this, some civilians shouldn’t have access to guns. But, there are so many loop holes, that…show more content…
I have signed up to take classes. When I purchased my first gun, the first thing I did was go to our local police station and get a lock. They are free. I wanted to make sure that I had all the proper tools to make it safe at home. My gun stays locked in a case and my bullets are locked in another case in a separate area. It is not safe to have a loaded gun. I know there are many discussions about that. I do think that a loaded gun, in a locked drawer could be safe for someone that lives alone or even that has a family as a need for protection. However, that also comes with making sure that it is ALWAYS locked and that if you have kids, they understand true gun safety and cannot ever get access to that gun. From 2012 to 2014, on average, 1,297 children died annually from a gun-related injury in the US (Pediatrics, 2017). These kids got these guns from their parent’s dressers and even gun safe’s that were not locked. They knew little about if it was loaded or not. One girl was shot in her abdomen because of an accidental gun going off when a student dropped his backpack and the loaded gun went

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