Should Homework Be Banned Essay

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“The presence of homework is negatively affecting the health of our young people and the quality of family.” (New York Times) The charts in 2012 come in with shocking facts. At age nine, twenty two percent have no homework, while five percent have two or more hours of homework. For thirteen year olds, twenty one percent have no homework, and seven percent have around two hours of work at home. Finally, twenty two percent of seventeen year olds have no homework, and twenty percent have over two hours. According to these percents, people are overreacting on how much homework is given and the amount of students that receive the homework, but does that homework given negatively affect a student and their family. Homework shouldn’t be banned from schools, but should be reduced to a reasonable amount of time; this way students get the practice they need, but the stress is relieved and no excessive homework that has no meaning is assigned. Banning homework as whole would affect a…show more content…
According to, it states,“Homework should be banned in primary schools because it is a ‘waste of children 's time’, teachers said,” This is backing up the quote in the second body paragraph that in grade school, homework is a “waste of time” and this is most likely what homework is described as in middle and high school. Also, this statement is coming from a group teachers, not a lousy group of students; this is showing that homework and the effect it has on students and their families is rubbing off on the teachers and they can’t handle it. Homework is setting up bad emotions, thoughts, and feeling that will and can hurt a student’s future and career; when learning kids don’t need the extra stress laid on top of everything else that school brings, and the parents don’t want their kids to stress out and

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