Essay On Why I Choose Martin Luther King

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The reason why I choose Martin Luther King Jr. as a leader is because he changed segregation. He wanted each of us to be equal and not be segregated. He wanted us to come together as one not as enemies but as friends/family. He just wanted us to change our ways of segregation and become equal with each other. If he can change a lot of people about segregation than he is a great leader to me. That is the reason why I choose him as a leader. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. His original name was Michael, but in 1934, he changes it in honor of the sixteenth-century German church reformer Martin Luther. He graduated from Booker T. Washington High School in 1944. Later on, he followed his grandfather and father’s footsteps and enrolled at Morehouse College. He was going to study medicine or law, but he decided to major in sociology. After for a divinity degree at Crozer Theological Seminary in Upland, Pennsylvania. Then…show more content…
Martin was asked to head the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) even though he did not plan to take a leading role, but he agreed to serve it. It was an organization formed to run the bus boycott. The boycott run 381 days even through some whites in Montgomery tried to stymie it, arrest Martin and other MIA members, and also bombed Martin's home. On December 21, 1956. one of the US Supreme Court cases ruled segregation on Montgomery buses unconstitutional. Martin was one of the first passengers to board an integrated bus. The bus boycott made him a black protester. A few years later, he met the U.S. President Eisenhower, he spoke alongside other national black protesters/leaders, and was a host of foreign dignitaries. In August 1957, Martin became president of the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) ,an organization comprising political, religious, and civil affiliate groups, they initially focus on supporting bus boycotts and register black
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