Essay On Why I Chose Social Work

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I have known in my heart since I was a child that I wanted to make a difference. I have found my way to channel my passion of helping others through social work. I began my social work journey at Spoon River College and then advanced to Western Illinois University. My schooling has already given me many opportunities to give back to the community. As of now, I am completing my practicum at Heartland Health Care in Canton, IL. I have taken full advantage of this learning experience and have grown tremendously academically, personally, and professionally. I am actively volunteering at Renaissance Care Center in Canton Illinois where I spend time with elderly adults and people with developmental disabilities. I enjoy my time spent volunteering at the facility. Another opportunity I have received is the pleasure of being a part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters community organization. Joining this organization not only changed the life of my “little sister”, but has also shaped my life as well. Big Brothers and Big Sisters has shown me my passion for helping children in school. I have decided I want to pursue a career in school social work and help other at-risk children like my little sister. Seeing the improvement of my little sister’s behavior and academic performance is…show more content…
Ambrose School of Social Work caused me to drift to this specific program. As a social worker, I want to help my clients feel they have what it takes to achieve their goals. Focusing on strengths through a strengths-based approach is the key to empowering others. As I am working to empower others, I will be sure to maintain self-empowerment as a social worker through advocacy. I make the promise to my clients to be knowledgeable on the laws and policies that effect those in need. With that said, I will be the voice for my clients when needed and will make sure their rights and oppressions are heard. I am thrilled to attend advocacy day in Springfield this
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