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First and foremost, I understand that I am applying to be an appointed leader in the United States Army. That I am voluntarily stepping up into a role that requires decisiveness, character, passion, courage, modesty and commitment. That If I am appointed, I will be trained to be a technical leader, trainer, operator, manager, and advisor first above all else, and a Pilot second. These are all characteristics that define the type of leader you will find I am and have always been in the Navy as an Electrician's mate 2nd Class Petty Officer. It is those natural traits that lead me to strongly believe to not only have the aptitude for flying, but the attitude and enthusiasm that the Army seek out in all their Warrant Officer Flight Training candidates.

How I came into a career in aviation with the Navy was no mistake. As a successful College student, I was excelling academically. I started out strong by making the President’s
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I’ve been baptized in military aviation and I have an invaluable amount of insight to give back to the Army. I want to use my appointed position of leadership to mentor and teach others as I have in the past. I promise that I will dedicate myself to becoming the best leader, soldier, and pilot I can be for the Army, as well as for my battalion. I am more than eager to take on this position of leadership well past the 6-year obligated requirements the Army wants. I am deployment ready and I have a proven record of excelling in even the most demanding of situations. I fully understand that earning a slot in flight school is just the beginning of a difficult and demanding journey, but I am prepared to do whatever is necessary to be successful in this new challenging atmosphere. That is the reason why I want to be an Army Aviator. From a Sailor to a Soldier, please give me the opportunity to be an asset to the Army, and an example for others to follow in the
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