Goals In Life Research Paper

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Everbody should have one or many different goals at this point of their lifes. I have already thought of many goals as of now. my first goal is to keep all my grades up and do all of my work for each class. I want to be able to be an amazing and memorable student while im in highschool. I don't want to be procrasonating on classwork or projects because that is something that will not always work out for me in the long run. The teachers will remember me but in a negative way because i would always turn in my work late or it would look un I want the most out of my highschool years and to get all the help and benefits that I can while im here. I also want to get as many college credits as i can to help contribute to my college education. I really want to make sure I do an excellent job in my…show more content…
He did nothing but cause hurt and damage to my family. My mom took the role of both and does nothing but try her hardest to support my sister and me and she does an amazing job at that. I wanna make sure I set up a bright future for myself and to never have to worry about how I am going to pay a bill. I want to make sure my kids will have a stress-free lifestyle and to be proud of me just like how i am proud of my mother for doing eveything for my sister and me by herself. My mother is my role model and my inspiration, she has set high standards for me and she expects me to reach them and i am going to try my best to reach and past them for her. I am keeping my grades up and mainting my accesible goals at the moment. As long as i can walk across the stage in 2018 with my head held high and my family cheering me on, there is nothing more in this world that i could wish for or want to be honest. My whole family motivates me to create bigger and longer goals. I want all my dreams and wishes for my future to come true so i could live my life knowing that my whole family can brag and be proud about

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