My Long Term Goal

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From stair-climbing wheelchair to prosthetic mind-controlled limbs - the rate of innovative products developed for the less fortunate people in the society is increasing. My long-term goal is to inspire the next generation of researchers to develop computational methods and optimization techniques that would help in creating products to aid differently abled people. I believe that making small changes to the design conceptualization methods will have a great impact on the efficient design of products. I believe that choosing a career as a professor will be a cardinal step towards reaching my long-term goal. Being a professor is the best platform for developing knowledge on computational design by doing what I'm truly excited, namely, learning…show more content…
After exploring the different wings of Mechanical Engineering, graduate education would be the right place to work and explore my interest specific to Mechanical Designing. A doctoral degree will not only enable me to venture out to different domains in design and analysis but also help to develop myself as an independent individual with a sense of responsibility. I’ll also get to work with like-minded people in a competitive environment conducive to constructive learning. Graduate school also offers positions for research and teaching assistantships which would prepare me for a career in teaching. The research internship at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore has taught me that leaving the comforts of the home country and immersing myself in an entirely new culture will push the boundaries of my capabilities. This experience has cemented my aspirations to pursue graduate studies abroad and seek a career in research. A challenging career in research will bring-in problems involving intense intellectual thinking and such a career will be pivotal in unearthing the best out of
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