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Its always been a dream to go and to study out of my home country for various reasons like to be a part of and experience a new culture , to learn to live away from home , meet new people from another part of the world and also to learn to become self dependent. Now that I have been given the chance I plan to take full advantage of this opportunity by applying and hopefully getting accepted into a reputable university as yours , which will also be a stepping stone for my future.

My father has a business of his own , and he is doing quite well , a lot of “well wishers” have told me to get into the family business , but I cannot do what I am not interested in , my father accepts that and he has been pushing to go out to experience and to study
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Studying in the United Kingdom will give me a good education and a lot of opportunities to excel. I will be exposed to a different environment where I intend on meeting a lot of new people and learning a lot about various cultures, in turn teaching others about India’s rich cultural heritage. Since the education system in India is based on the system of the United Kingdom. I feel like it would be a gradual flow that would help me benefit from all that the United Kingdom and your University has to offer. Studying from your university will fulfill my dream , A dream of having a good educational standing all over the world. Education from the United Kingdom opens up a wide range of job opportunities thus helping me to establish a respectable career so that I can soon take care of my parents and give them something in return back for all the work and pain they had to endure because of me. I will also be able to be a complete man standing on my own feet. This opportunity many people don’t get , and most of those who do take it for granted . I wish to make the most of this opportunity
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