Personal Essay: Why I Love To Volunteer

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I love to volunteer because it is something that I have always loved doing. I also want to spread my name more throughout Houston and along with that be able to give to my city. There's some things that the youth can have their voice in regarding the city. We always want to make sure we have all points of view included in things the city does. I also love working with different people. I love making connections and meeting new people.
I love school and I love taking on leadership opportunities. I feel like it tests my ability as a leader. My hobbies are always staying busy doing productive things. If its not homework, I'm on my laptop scrolling through or I have lots of experience in leadership roles thanks to my school, I am given the opportunity to take on lead in group projects. I am also skilled at professional presentations. I have done lots already so I am comfortable with it. I also love public speaking! Well when I was searching for
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Although new studies show that it has decreased over some years, I still think it is a problem happening to children in school and out. I have been a victim but becoming a leader has changed that for me. I also think hunger is another threat for the youth. Since I am currently working on an end youth hunger project, I have been surprised at the facts and statistics!
I think the fact that some adults don't take children seriously. Children should always have respect for adults but sometime we clash heads. That is why it is important to have communication. Also, we are a new generation that grew in more technology and different surroundings. Some parents need to catch up. In sexuality there are always disagreements with parents and their child. But now we are seeing that being different is okay. I hope the world as whole changes and start accepting what others feel. Specially children when we start becoming teens we learn more about what we

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