Essay On Why I Want To Win The Revolutionary War

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Stay for More or Leave from Sore As I sit in my cabin freezing cold, scared, and hungry, myself wonders, “Is there still any hope”? The huts were long and wide made of wood. The fireplace was filling the huts with smoke that we almost could not handle. There were no beds just the mud floor covered with straw. My service to the army at Valley Forge is soon ending.I have decided to re-enlist for three reasons which are: Hope, the army needs me, and for my family and the hope of surviving. The event that caused this whole war to occur were the protesting and the Boston Tea party that happened in 1773. I felt that the Boston Tea Party was a right and wrong decision when it happened because we should not use violence to cooperate with our “enemies”, we should use reason. Even though the British kind of deserved that protest. Also the Declaration of Independence caused the war by angering the British in 1776. I strongly agreed with this document that gave us freedom but the British did not sadly. So I joined Washington to fight the war. I remember when we had victories at the early wars like at Princeton and Trenton which gave me as well as other soldiers hope for winning more battles. The first reason I will re-enlist is the hope that Thomas Paine gave all of us. As I am in my cabin with some soldiers by the fire, Thomas paine created…show more content…
But because of these reasons: The army needs me, my family, the hope of surviving, and the motivation as well as the inspiration, it helped me to make the right decision. My decision,Re-enlisting, overall was a good decision that every soldier should have made for the many reasons and causes. The significance of the choice of re-enlisting in my opinion is great, imagine what you would earn and create. You would earn honor and money and create a better place. You should make this decision because it makes more sense and it is the right thing to do for yourself as well as for
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