Essay On Why Kids Should Start Later

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When the alarm clocks goes off every day, students everywhere groggily get reading for school. Sally like most of her classmates gets up at 5:50am in the morning, so she could get to school on time which starts at 7:05am. Her classmates and herself are like zombies the whole day, for they are running off very little sleep.Starting school later is when schools start at a later time. So students get to sleep more in the morning. So kids will have more energy during the school day. Sheridan Junior High School should start at a later time because it helps improve academics, it improves students health, and gets get more sleep. To start off, starting school later improves kids academics. Studies show that “ Well restes teens get better grades, have higher standardized test scores, and miss fewer days of school.” (Herrington 20). This is important because the better sleep the students at SJHS and SHS get the better grades they will get. Which will lead to kids getting a better chance at going to college, clubs, jobs, and can help for students get loans and or scholarships to go to college. But some may believe that starting later will give the students…show more content…
This is important because when students are well rested, they become happier and healthier . And since we want all of the students at SHS and SJHS to be the Brightest and healthiest students they can be. And you can help can help this happen by starting school later. But some people believe that starting school later will make kids exhausted when school is over. But starting school at a later time helps give students the energy they need to the day ahead. They are wrong because according The National Sleep Foundation that “87 percent of high school students in the United States aren’t getting the recommended 8.5 to 9.5 hours of sleep.” (Herrington 20). When schools start early kids are not getting the sleep they need so they can do the best they can in school and in extra curricular
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