Why Kids Should Not Specialize In Sports

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Kids will always be kids, and part of being a kid is being able to go outside, have fun and get hurt, but there is always a line that must not be crossed. Kids and teens are growing human beings and their bodies are very fragile. If parents can stop their kids from specializing in sports early the number of kid-related injuries can be greatly reduced. One reason kids shouldn’t specialize in youth sports until they’re in high school is due to the fact that they’re constricting their options and choices. Another reason why kids shouldn’t specialize in one sport is that it takes a toll on the kids’ growing bodies. Finally, when kids specialize in one sport they don’t enjoy as much and they really feel the pressure of winning pushed on to their…show more content…
When kids decide to specialize in a sport they are deciding to pour most or all their energy into said sport. When they do this they will not have the time or energy to give any other sport their attention, and that could lead to some problems. First off, there could be another sport that they would enjoy more but never got the chance to try. Kids should not be specializing in one sport, they should be going trying new things and later decide what they liked. Now some people may say that kids may have a definite passion for a particular sport at a young age and specializing would really increase their skill. However, playing multiple sports will also improve a player’s skill faster. According to the website, “Is it Wise to Specialize,” “Multi-sport participation at the youngest ages yields better decision making and pattern recognition, as well as increased creativity. These are all qualities that coaches of high-level teams look for” (O'Sullivan 3). Here Sullivan explains how kids who play multiple sports improve faster on the field which will help them get to places they want to go, like collages. There is also proof of this, most professional players do come from a multi-sport background. O’Sullivan states that a, “ 2013 American Medical Society for Sports Medicine survey found that 88% of college athletes surveyed participated in more than one sport as a child” (4). This means that kids that play more than one sport will automatically have a better chance at becoming a
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