Essay On Why Military Service Should Be Mandatory

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Military Service: Should It Be Mandatory? Fighting for the homeland means fighting for freedom, but how can men defend their country against enemies if they lack of the ability to fight? Conscription is strategy that utilized by nations to assemble a large and powerful military, prepared to be deployed in times of war or when the need to ensure the power of the state emerges. Mostly, conscription is for male and in some cases and some countries have also for women, and usually begins as soon as the end of the study; at the age, 18 years old. It consists of basic training and serve for two to three years maximum. Countries depend on their soldiers to protect and defend them, and that is the reason why various countries have compulsory service, such democratic nations as Germany, Austria, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Israel, and Turkey. Most people maintain that serving the community should be voluntary, and each individual has the absolute freedom to join or not to join the military service. However, it is argued that military service builds …show more content…

Despite it obvious advantages, some opponents claim that conscription should not be mandatory because serving in the military can sharply change a man 's identity in ways that can hurt his social ties; it can influence on his relation to family, companions, and coworkers. It may be true that military has impact on the person 's personality, makes little bit tough to deal with him. However, people should realize the fact that dealing with the hard days and wars need brave men that have the ability to face these issues strictly, with courage and without fear. Beside, recruitment period is for a limited time; not exceeding three years term, and after this period expires, the recruiter returns to his social life and relations, also gradually resume his normal attitude in dealing with others. Moreover, it is important to remember that the intent of recruiting is to prepare men psychologically and physically for any

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