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Why Milk is Bad? Are you the person who like to consume milk or not? How much do you drink milk? People in this world drink milk that is breastfeeding since they were born. Then people start to drink milk from the cow when they grew up. Some people drink milk everyday but some are not and some people like to drink milk but some do not like because of the smell of milk or the taste of it. In our everyday life we will see the variety of milk such as fresh milk, low fat fresh milk, flavored milk, filled milk or non-fat milk that sell everywhere you go for example, supermarket, grocery or convenience store. In some food also consist of milk which is the ingredient. Many newspaper or magazine always offer the benefits of milk and people always think that milk is…show more content…
Although milk has many advantages, in my view, milk also has bad results to our bodies. Milk gives you a variety of diseases. First, milk make you are Osteoporosis. Many people believe that milk can help to protect Osteoporosis because milk consists of high calcium. Our bodies need to maintain a balance of acid about twenty percent and alkaline approximately eighty percent and milk makes the body acidic so if you drink too much milk more than the body needs, the body will draw the calcium from the bones because the bones are accumulation of calcium. Then you will be Osteoporosis. Drinking lots of milk instead of making the bones stronger, but it was done to Osteoporosis. Like T. Colin Campbell (2014) said that eating food from animals such as cow milk will make the blood acidic. When the bold becomes acid, the blood will absorb the calcium from the bone to increase alkali. Finally, Osteoporosis will happen. Osteoporosis found in most people who lived in some countries such as Canada, Norway, Sweden and United States

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