Essay On Why People Should Go To College

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I believe that everyone should go to college to get educated. To own a home or any thing that has to do with money you must have the money from jobs. You have experience in different subjects to be able to problem solve. Although some people don’t have the money to go to college and get a good education. Two thirds of people do not go to college ( A median cost to attend college is $9,410. For some people that is a lot of money to pay for education. A large part of families are poor or have very little money. The money they must spend for supplies, they could be buying food and things it takes to survive. When you get a student loan -- a way to go to college and slowly pay on the student debt--and some people are unable to pay theirs and the only thing that you can’t file bankruptcy for is student loans. In order to go to college unless you live in a small town you must have a way to travel. This means that you have to have a car or other means of transportation. The student loan is 1.27 trillion dollars…show more content…
What's more, your degree or certificate can act as a springboard, providing your career upward mobility.” ( .When you go to college you gain knowledge and things you must need in life. You are able to meet new people and learn from others as well. It says “Plus, college graduates have less chance of losing their jobs. In 2009, there were 9.7 million unemployed high school graduates, compared with 5.2 million college graduates without jobs.” ( This shows that not only will you be able to get a job but you will be able to keep it. When you go to college you are in an class with other people so you can learn about them and get to make new
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